Samoa Joe And Baron Corbin React To PWI 500, 6 Shocking WWE Upsets You Forgot (Video), Eric Young

- Above is video of six shocking WWE upsets fans forgot. The group included: Tensai beating John Cena, Heath Slater defeating Seth Rollins, Vladimir Kozlov's win over Undertaker, Carlito over Randy Orton, Al Snow beating The Rock, and Reverend D-Von taking out Triple H.

- NXT Tag Team Champion, Eric Young, wrote an article for ESPN on the first part of his journey over NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III weekend.

"Your entrance sets the tone. It tells people who you are and what you're about," Young wrote. "The WWE takes that part of the show very seriously, which makes me super-happy because it's always something that I've enjoyed. For me, it's not a small detail. There will be people in the crowd who have never seen us before. When we come out, you hear that music and you see this image of who we are and what we are, how we walk and how we carry ourselves. You're telling people without words what you stand for. To the WWE, guys like Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode, and with us and Authors of Pain, NXT is where these entrances get developed."

- Samoa Joe chimed in on wrestlers who pay too much attention to the recent PWI 500 rankings that came out (you can see who was number one here). Joe offered some "help" to those wrestlers, while Baron Corbin wondered, "What's PWI?"


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