Samoa Joe Gives Advice About Social Media, Ronda Rousey - WWE, Nikki Bella Talks DWTS (Video)

- Above, Nikki Bella does her first Dancing with the Stars vlog to give fans an idea of what her busy schedule is going to be like going forward.

- The New York Post wrote an article on WWE's dilemma with Ronda Rousey and her Four Horsewomen faction. During the Mae Young Classic her group crossed paths with Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley, possibly teasing something down the road. The topic of what should WWE do if the two groups do meet up in the ring is discussed in the article.

"Baszler is now a rising star in the wrestling business, and Shafir is engaged to NXT's Roderick Strong, so there is plenty to expand upon. Rousey's nature will push her to ensure she can put up a good showing; if not, this could always get put on hold. The question is, how do you handle Rousey in the match? Does a group of 'novice' pro wrestlers though MMA badasses go over on arguably the four top women in your promotion? Does Baszler, who likely will be a full-time WWE performer, get lost in the shuffle? Do you promote Rousey as the invincible force she once was or the more fragile star looking for redemption we have seen after she twice got knocked out in the UFC? You can't just expect people to forget her history and how she hid from the public eye after each loss."

- Samoa Joe gave his opinion on what social media can be used for these days and it's either used for good or potentially jeopardize your future employment options. Joe has been out of action since late August after suffering a knee injury during a match with John Cena at a WWE live event. Joe was scheduled to wrestle Cena on Raw on August 28, however the match was dropped. Here's an update on his return to the ring.


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