Sexy Star was interviewed by Pro Wrestling 24/7 and discussed allegedly purposely injuring Rosemary at AAA TripleMania last week.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking here, they sent us these highlights:

If the injury to Rosemary was purposely done:

“No, never. I’ve been in this sport for 11 years and I will be the first one to be against those type of things, so I [would] never do that.”

If there was a confrontation backstage that transferred over to the ring:

“No. Nothing happened in the back in the locker rooms, we just did what we usually do. Also, Rosemary was not in the same locker room as mine, so I don’t know why they are saying that.”

If peers and wrestling fans jumped to conclusions too quickly:

“Yes, they just took the first impression after the show ended. I didn’t know anything about that until the next day I got on my social media, and the news started calling me and asking me. But maybe it was my mistake because I stood quiet and I didn’t talk to anyone.”