Following Sexy Star posting a lengthy message on social media explaining what happened at AAA TripleMania last week, AAA announced that Star is vacating the Reina de Reinas Championship.

Star has been facing strong criticism for allegedly purposely injuring Rosemary’s arm during their match. Star claims that she didn’t purposely try to injure Rosemary, and that Rosemary appeared fine backstage after the match. She said that Rosemary was walking backstage under her own power and without any assistance. Star added that when she heard that Rosemary was injured, she found her with just a bag of ice on her elbow without anyone assisting her. Star said she left the arena after the AAA talent coordinator assured her that everything is fine.

Star noted that following the incident, she has been getting bullied on social media. She said that Rosemary did not suffer any injury since the submission move that was applied is very safe. She added that she has been wrestling for 11 years and her wrestling teachers can verify that she has never purposely tried to hurt another wrestler.

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