Sound Off Reactions On If Brock Lesnar Will Retain His Title Over Braun Strowman At WWE No Mercy

Yesterday we asked, if you thought Brock Lesnar would retain his WWE Universal Title over Braun Strowman at No Mercy and you responded, yes he would. The vote was very close, and a bunch of you expect it to end in a DQ, thanks to outside interference or Braun losing in a very strong effort. Those of you calling for Braun to win see it as a way to get the title on TV every week and potentially a way to counter losing fans with the football season upon us. Lesnar could always win the title back in 2018 before WrestleMania 34 hits to continue his storyline.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Marky Mark:
"I'd love to see Strowman pull it off. This would give us a break from Brock, it would put a chink in his armor, and it would make his next few programs a bit more interesting. Plus, Strowman is as over as anyone could want to be. I don't want the WWE to overthink this one, just push him to the moon."

Mr. Wednesday:
"If they have any interest in investing in the future, they'll put the title on Braun at No Mercy. Lesnar's part-time schedule and lack of presence doesn't allow for a lengthy, meaningful feud. If the Beast can only be used sparingly, have him put the Monster over so the title can return to having a weekly presence on Raw."

Sammy Liger:
"I believe Brock Lesnar will defeat Braun Strowman at No Mercy and retain the Universal Championship. Lesnar will hold the belt for another 6 months, for it's going to be Lesnar Vs. Roman II at WrestleMania 34, aka 'Unfinished Business.'"

The Zlatan™:
"WWE have been terrible at creating new stars since the ruthless aggression era, they have done a great job with Braun and if there is anyone who should beat Lesnar. It's Braun."


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