Sound Off Reactions On If Roman Reigns Or John Cena Will Win At WWE No Mercy Tonight

Yesterday we asked who you thought would come out the winner between John Cena vs. Roman Reigns at tonight's WWE No Mercy PPV, and it basically came down to if WWE will make this a series or a one-off feud. Overall, Reigns was the winner, but it was mostly predicated on this being a one and done as Cena heads off to do outside projects. If this ends up being more of a slow burn feud, Cena could capture early on to keep Reigns chasing as WWE looks rally fan support around him, again.

There were a couple DQ votes too, potentially as a way to protect each Superstar, or even as a way to bring Undertaker into the fold. We'll find out later today which way WWE decided to go, be sure to join our live coverage beginning at 7pm ET!

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Mr Bobbins:
"I think we're going to get a swerve here. Whoever wins will make quick work of it. I'm feeling a very quick win for Reigns. We all know how Vince loves his shocking moments and cutting to those faux shocked fans, expect to see a few of them after this match. I reckon they want Goldberg vs Lesnar 2.0. Cena takes some time off for movies, etc, comes back down the line for an inevitable rematch at the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania."

El Perro That runs the kennel:
"There's no reason for Cena to win, although there was no reason for him to bury Rusev a second time too."

Stevie Jay Elmm:
"The Shield reunites and injures Cena, so storyline wise he can go away a long time while he does his movie. Reigns gets disqualified for doing so and has a bitter laugh about it. Cena returns from injury right after the Royal Rumble to screw Reigns out of a WWE Universal Title shot and thus begins the Wrestlemania feud, which is what WWE should have saved this feud for in the first place."

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