Sound Off: Reactions On John Cena Or Roman Reigns Winning At WWE No Mercy

Yesterday we asked who you thought would win in the upcoming No Mercy match between John Cena and Roman Reigns. The voting was fairly close, most of you thought that Reigns will take the win, but it depends on where this story is going. If Cena is taking off again to film movies and this is just a one-off match, it makes sense for Reigns to get the bump. Many feel like this could be a trilogy, and if that's the case, Cena could take this one and rub it in Reigns' face over the next couple months. A few also commented that nobody will win this match, thanks to some kind of outside interference.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Hi. I'm Negan.:
"Personally, I hope they drag this out. Team Reigns and his group of new school vs. Team Cena and his group of old school at Survivor Series."

"Seems like this is one match rather than a series, as Cena will be leaving again. So Roman Reigns will win."

"As long as Strowman wins, who cares?"

Saiyan Soul:
"Think Vince is trying for a whole Austin vs. Rock trilogy thing, Cena wins the first two matches, then keeps rubbing it in Roman's face, and finally Cena puts him over at one of the WrestleManias."

make it reign:
"Roman should win, regardless on how people view Roman, he is the face of the company going forward. Cena is at the end of his career and on his way to Hollywood, he should be putting younger talent over as any veteran who loves and respects the business. Much like the Rock did to Lesnar prior, Reigns losing would not just hurt him, but also confirm to the audience that everything Cena said about him was true."


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