Spoilers: WWE NXT Tapings For Tonight

Remember to join us tonight at 8pm EST for our live Viewing Party.

* NXT General Manager William Regal announces a Fatal 4 Way at Takeover: Houston for the vacant Women's Title with Kairi Sane as the first confirmed competitor. There will be matches to decide the 3 other competitors tonight

* SAnitY hits the ring from various points in the crowd. NXT Tag Team Champion Eric Young says the only thing that matters is the chaos, and tonight, Adam Cole, he is going to take him to the edge of sanity

* Lars Sullivan defeated Oney Lorcan. Oney tries to mount offense, but Lars catches him in the air off a tope to the outside and slams him into the apron. Oney goes stiff and starts landing uppercuts and slaps, but Lars turns him inside out with a brutal clothesline and hits his side Uranage for the win. After the match, Lars goes to attack Oney, but Danny Burch runs down and distracts him, allowing Oney to escape

* Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic defeated Demitrius Bronson and an unknown wrestler (had Scott on his trunks). Typical Heavy Machinery match. Small hope spots for the jobbers, but in the end, Heavy Machinery hit the Compactor on Scott with Bronson on the mat under him to pick up the win

* Liv Morgan defeated Vanessa Borne. Lots of pin attempts early. Liv does a matrix dodge of a clothesline, then a leg drop over Borne's back for a 1 count. Liv picks up the win with a running codebreaker

* Kassius Ohno defeated Fabian Aichner. Ohno hits a boot to knock Aichner outside, then does his fake out flip on the ropes. Aichner hits an impressive tilt-o-whirl backbreaker on Ohno to send him outside. Aichner then brutally botches a springboard crossbody to the outside. Ohno rolls him back in and they brawl until Ohno is sent back outside and Aichner hits the springboard crossbody this time. Back and forth in the ring, until Aichner gets Ohno up for a powerbomb, but Kassius gets out of it. Aichner hits a powerslam for two. Aichner misses his springboard moonsault, and after a little back and forth, Ohno hits the rolling boot for the win

* The Undisputed Era is out - Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish. Cole does the "BAYBAY!" taunt on the ramp and has BayBay on his trunks. Cole asks how this place survived without them and says we can feel change in the air, and they are untouchable, undisputed, and this is their era

* Adam Cole (w/Undisputed Era) defeated Eric Young (w/SAnitY). Ringside distractions early leading to Cole getting the upperhand and getting a headlock latched in. Young turns the tide and battles back. EY throws Cole off the top rope, but O'Reilly and Fish get on the apron. Dain & Wolfe pull them off and battle on the floor, when EY comes off the top with a cross body to wipe everyone out. As Young gets back in the ring, Cole nails his flying shining wizard for the pin and escapes before SAnitY can attack


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