Steve Austin On Talking With Ultimate Warrior On The Phone, The Rock, Movie Performance He Disliked

As noted, WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was recently a special guest on Sean Waltman's X-Pac 12360. You can check out the episode in the video above or download the podcast version on iTunes, below are some more highlights that they sent us:

Superstar Billy Graham being the first Stone Cold:

"He was at another level in a different world. Big props to Superstar because really, he was the first Stone Cold because when Senior (Vince McMahon Sr.) was running the promotion he was a white hot heel who transitioned himself into a baby (face), but senior didn't really know what to do with him."

Hitching a ride with Barry Windham:

"Windham looks over at me and goes, 'kid, who you riding with?' I said, 'I don't know man. Guess I'll just get a Rent-A-Car.' He goes, 'Why don't you ride with us?' I said, 'Well cool.' Got in the car, it was a Cadillac. A brand new Cadillac Four Star V8. I never sat in a Cadillac, much less drove one. Barry goes, 'Kid, you want to drive?' I said, 'Well sure.'

"So we're going down the highway somewhere in the south; Florida or Georgia, somewhere like that. And we're going down the road and I'm just looking at all the gadgets you know. The speedometer and all that stuff and I veer off the road and I jerk it back and it was kind of scary because I was going about 70mph. And Barry the king of the no sell, looks at me like this (WTF) 'You okay kid?'

Funny Story about The Ultimate Warrior:

"I had a few phone conversations with him after he changed his name to Warrior. I am talking to him on the phone and I am thinking, "Hey, Warrior" [ laughs}. I feel like a mark, well I am calling him Warrior… here's Warrior, I know his name is Jim … and I am waiting for him to say, 'Steve, man, just call me Jim,' and he never did."

Whether he would do an acting role if The Rock produced it:

"I'm so proud of The Rock and everything he has done. I don't like to memorize anything. Would I consider it? Yes."

Not being about with the way he performed in The Longest Yard:

"When I watched The Longest Yard back, I was mad because I could have toned it down with a few scenes I had with Kevin Nash. I was yelling at the top of my voice and I thought, 'Man, why didn't the director call me and say, Steve, that's a level 10 of intensity. Why don't you start a level 2 or 3?' Direct me a little bit. I'm not faulting the guy, I was just a guy."

Hunter Mcintyre from Broken Skull Ranch can be successful in WWE:

"Hunter McIntyre who has been successful, he's the number one obstacle course racers in the world, he's a great competitor. He's 6'2 right now, he's about 200lbs, but 200lb on him is a big 200. He's so shredded, but he's an elite athlete gas tank from hell. You can not get this kid tired and because he's so athletically inclined. H's only 28 and he's super smart, I think he's making a run for it."


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