As noted, Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri took a visit to the set of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge last month. During the wide-ranging Q&A session, owner Raj Giri asked Austin if he had any funny stories about “Ravishing” Rick Rude.

Austin detailed a story where he and Rude were at a hunting camp in South Georgia along with “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff. Austin and Rude went fishing together and Austin didn’t catch anything while Rude, being a skilled fisherman from Minnesota, caught a bunch of catfish. But when it came to cleaning the catfish, Austin was on his own.

“Rick Rude, for those that know him, liked to smoke. Not cigarettes [laughs],” Austin said. “So I was out there cleaning catfish with a pair of pliers, had a board over a trash can. And I’m over there thinking, “God dang, he’s the one who caught all this damn fish and I’m over here cleaning them… So Rick comes out, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘Cleaning catfish.’ I said, ‘Do you wanna help?’ [He said], ‘Nope!’ And he turned around, walked back in the screen door and kept watching Cape Fear.”

Austin and Rude were stablemates in The Dangerous Alliance when Austin was in WCW during the early part of his career. Out of all the members of The Dangerous Alliance besides himself, Austin thought Rude would have the most success if he were to ever compete on the Broken Skull Challenge in his prime.

“Rick Rude was a national-caliber arm wrestler so you would think that he would be a standout out here,” Austin said. “And he wasn’t leg-heavy so he would probably do well on the Skull Buster. And he was a better athlete than he gets credited for, so probably Rick Rude.”

But Austin still managed to dole out a ton of praise for the rest of the members of The Dangerous Alliance.

“That was cool because, shoot, I was the youngest guy in there,” he said. “‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude, he’s in the Hall of Fame. Larry Zbyszko. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby (Eaton), who’s not in the Hall of Fame but should be because he’s one of the best workers in the history of the business. Madusa, who’s awesome, she’s in the Hall of Fame. Paul E. (Dangerously), who was the one who taught me how to cut a promo, and gave me an opportunity and believed in me. And Arn Anderson, one of the greatest tag team wrestlers in the history of the business.”

Austin also delved into a couple funny stories about Arn Anderson, who he described as “a very good friend.”

“Arn Anderson was king of the locker room,” Austin said. “We had these little bitty monitors where you could see the action in the ring, and Arn would be zinging everybody’s work that was happening. He would just kill everybody.”

He continued: “I’ll never forget, one time we were flying over to Japan, and we were drinking beer like crazy. We got to Japan and we were a part of some tournament. All of a sudden we go over to the building and Arn and I find out that we were working against each other. And that match sucked! We were hungover, we had all kinds of stuff going on. But yeah, Arn was awesome.”

The new season of Broken Skull Challenge starts tonight on CMT at 10 p.m. You can find photos of WrestlingInc’s visit to the set of Broken Skull Challenge below via our official Facebook page.