Terry Funk Returns To The Ring At 73 (Photo), Rusev And Carmella Tweet At WWE Star, NXT (Video)

- WWE cameras caught up with some NXT Superstars to ask them what Superstars (or matches) they are currently studying. Bianca Belair said Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar and Neville, while Heavy Machinery mention Harlem Heat and the Dudley Boys. Dakota Kai has been checking out the rivalry between Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels.


- Last night at Big Time Wrestling in Raleigh, North Carolina, Terry Funk returned to the ring at 73 years old. He teamed up with the Rock 'N Roll Express to face Jerry Lawler, Brian Christopher and Doug Gilbert. According to PWInsider, live reports said the match was a bit all over the place and chaotic with Funk and the Rock 'N Roll Express winning via DQ after Lawler attacked the referee. Below is a photo from his appearance.

- Luke Harper continues to do his daily Twitter ritual of naming the day and following it up with "You know what that means." Today, it received a response from Rusev who said "Rusev #1." Carmella also got in on the fun with her own Tweet that included a photo with Harper in the background. As noted, the backstage news is Harper and Erick Rowan will be brought back to TV as a tag team.