The Young Bucks On WWE Sending Them A Cease And Desist Letter, Adam Cole And Redragon Joining WWE

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated recently interviewed The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson. Below are a few highlights:

WWE sending them a cease and desist order to prevent them from using the "Suck it!" catchphrase:

Matt: "They're bringing people back from the dead [Adam Cole, who was killed on their Being The Elite series]. They're sending out cease and desists written on toilet paper. And now they've taken our dear friend Hangman [Adam Page]. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it felt like they were trying to go to war with us."

Nick: "The WWE apparently can bring people back from the dead. That shocked me to my core. I'm very happy for the ghost of Adam Cole though. I hope he makes millions of dollars one day."

reDRagon joining forces with Adam Cole in NXT:

Nick: "I'm very happy for reDRagon. Those guys are so good as a team and I think teaming up with Adam will help the three of them become very comfortable in a WWE setting quickly because they're really close friends."

Matt: "Bobby and Kyle brought something special out of us. We became a better team because of the awesome bouts with them. When conversation comes up about our greatest matches, many of those matches we had with Bobby and Kyle are talked about. Also, they're two great dudes who I love in real life. I hope nothing but the best for them. They deserve all the success in the world. Seeing them stand tall with that zombie was surreal."

The Young Bucks also discussed wanting Hulk Hogan in the Bullet Club, Tetsuya Naito taking a shot at the Bullet Club, wanting to wrestle the Revival and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Sports Illustrated

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