The Young Bucks Say WWE Stars Have Been Reaching Out To Them About Life Outside WWE

Chuck Carroll interviewed the Young Bucks for CBS ahead of Friday's Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view. They sent us these highlights, you can check out the full interview at this link.

Talk to me about the addition of Marty Scurll to the Bullet Club, heading into that ROH pay-per-view in New York a few months ago. Give me your thoughts about whether or not that angle would play. Was there any anxiety that the fans wouldn't accept it?

Nick: "It's funny though because they just wanted to announce on Twitter that he had joined Bullet Club, and Matt and I right away said there's no way that could be the case at all. We got a game plan going. Us, Marty and Kenny [Omega] were in the UK at the time. So, we came up with that whole storyline that everyone saw come to life in New York. It was awesome."

Matt: "I remember that day we were in the UK, and Marty was panicked because he was like, "we can't just announce this on Twitter. That night knew we had to shoot some vignettes. We knew they had to capitalize on a guy like Marty coming over, because he was getting white hot. Marty joining was almost a bigger story than Adam [Cole] leaving."

How have your goals changed since entering the business? I would guess they're about 180 degrees different than what you originally planned.

Nick: "Oh yeah It seems like a lot of the guys these days in the WWE talk to us. They ask us questions and want to see how we're doing, and they see that we're doing well. So, I think that it opens up their mind like, 'hey, there's life after WWE.' If, for some reason, they get fired or they want to go away, they know there's a place to go where they can make a good amount of money."

Do you think you could ever find yourself in a Hardy-esque situation where you're fighting with a wrestling promotion over intellectual property and the gimmicks you came up with?

Matt: "As far as whether Nick and I would ever find ourselves in a situation like that, I don't think so. We've been The Young Bucks for so many years, and we've been Matt and Nick Jackson. I have those trademarked so I own those. I own the Super Kick Party trademark. A lot of the stuff we've actually legally backed ourselves up. I don't think that Ring of Honor has the type of pettiness that they would come after us for certain things that we've done. We were doing Super Kick Parties long before Ring of Honor. I think we're in a situation where we'd be okay."


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