Top Media Outlet Working On Story On Racist WWE Promos?, More On Poor WWE Attendance, Tian Bing

- The South China Morning Post has a story here about Tian Bing appearing at last Sunday's WWE live event in Shenzen. In the article, Bing said that he's using the rise Jinder Mahal as inspiration for himself.


"Jinder Mahal, the WWE champion, can have great influence in his country," said Bing. "He can make WWE crazy and famous in his country. I also have my own target for myself. Everyone wants that dream, to be the famous player."

- As noted, the attendance for last night's SmackDown Live was really poor, with the hard camera side of the arena being almost completely empty while the top level of the building was tarped off. Alfred Konuwa's latest blog at Forbes looks at WWE live event attendance in the fall. It was noted that WWE attendance usually drops this quarter.

"WWE's average attendance in North America during the third quarter from 2014 to 2016 was 5,200," Konuwa wrote. "That figure fell well below 6,400 in Q1, 5,600 in Q2 and 5,800 in Q4 of that same time period."


- WWE has been getting a lot of flack for the scripted promo that WWE Champion Jinder Mahal cut on Shinsuke Nakamura on last night's episode of SmackDown Live, which included Mahal referring to Nakamura as "Mr. Miyagi." Fans actually chanted "that's too far" during the segment, which WWE never uploaded to their YouTube channel. Marissa Payne of The Washington Post is asking fans who attended last night's show to contact her for "a story about racist promos."