'Total Bellas' S2E2 Recap: Brie Confront Nikki About Cheating On John Cena, Daniel Bryan Labor Pains

It's always a family affair when it comes to the stars of Total Bellas -- Nikki and Brie Bella -- who, perhaps, have shown the world that even the gorgeous ladies of wrestling can get screen time outside the ring.

This season is no different in their focus on "the family" -- as Nikki hoofs it up on Dancing with the Stars, we fans get to watch the trials and tribulations associated with Brie Bella's pregnancy by her husband, SmackDown Live general manager Daniel Bryan. And while we all know that the end result is baby Birdie (who is ADORBS!), it's hilarious to watch these rough and tumble wrestlers go through the every day pains of things like labor pains and diaper shopping.

Such, then, was the case on Wednesday night's episode of Total Bellas -- it was nothing if not adorable to watch proud-papa-to-be Bryan wax ecstatic about the merits of cloth diapers over paper ones, because they're better for the environment. (And they are, really, but they're also rather gross to clean up -- and babies make enough of a mess already...) After hearing Bryan ramble on for a while, Brie finally had to let her hubby know that while she appreciates his dedication to protecting Mother Earth, he should be really worried about protecting Mother Brie, because she's only got a little while longer in the pregnancy.

Later on, Bryan got the unique experience of experiencing labor pains (courtesy of a few well placed electric shock pads that simulate labor). You can see that bit of hilarity in the video above.

Unfortunately, not all is well on Total Bellas -- Nikki and Brie's brother, JJ Garcia, is going through a separation from his wife, Lauren. He's crashed at Nikki's home that she shares with her boo, John Cena, while he figures things out in his marriage.

There was a bit of hilarity involving JJ's crash pad -- he walked by while Nikki was FaceTiming with her mom, and Mom thought Nikki was screwing around on John (and why would she ever, really...). Brie, upon hearing from Mom that Nikki might be two-timing John, immediately called and confronted her sister about the accusation. Nikki, then, was forced to tell Brie that JJ and Lauren were going through a rough patch, and JJ was staying with her and John while he figures things out.

The family then decided to all go on vacation together to Tahoe, and Brie decided to comfort her brother -- and give him advice -- while on vacation.

"I don't want you to give up quickly," she said. "It's your marriage and you can do whatever you want, but I don't want you to give up quickly. You might regret that for the rest of your life."

Total Bellas airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on E! Network. Check your local listings for the channel.


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