'Total Bellas' S2E3 Recap: Daniel Bryan And Brie At Odds Over Baby Registry, Puppy Custody Struggles

Being a twin can be awesome -- but it can also be a royal pain in the ass.

And we saw, firsthand, the "pain in the ass" part in tonight's episode -- the Total Bellas Season 2 Episode 3 titled "Who's Your Mama?"

The show kicked off with a dispute about the custody of one "Winston," who is perhaps the cutest French Bulldog on either side of the Mississippi. Nikki got Winston, whom she treats like a son, about two years ago -- and since her fiance, John Cena, has already announced that he doesn't want children, Nikki's only chance to be a mommy is going to be with Winston and other future doggies. (The issue of "Nikki will never be a mommy" will come up later in the episode.)

Unfortunately, when Nikki started going on the road with the WWE, Brie and her husband Bryan (a.k.a. Daniel Bryan, SmackDown Live's general manager) took the pooch in, and now, Brie is loath to give the pooch back. And we can't blame her -- the dog is absolutely adorable, and we'd probably keep him too.

Meanwhile, Brie and Bryan have -- like every other new parent before them -- gone on a bit of a shopping spree for baby Birdie, and they butted heads a bit when it was time to put potential gifts on the registry. While Bryan preferred to stick to the basics -- waterproof mattress pads, for example -- Brie stuck everything she could possibly find on her registry, prompted Bryan to tell her, at one point, to "stop it!"

They even went so far as to get a personal registry consultant (!) to finish spoiling baby Birdie.

Bryan is more of a simple man, and is concerned with people buying their baby "expensive stuff," while Brie is not as concerned with the price tag as she is with the baby getting everything she could possibly need.

Brie, upon realizing that her dear sister will never have a baby shower, or a bridal shower, or any of the "traditional" parties that many American women have, decides it's appropriate to throw her never-to-be-a-mom sister Nikki a "women's empowerment party" instead. The intent is certainly well-meaning, but Nikki is having exactly none of it, and John Cena isn't helping because he's insisting that Brie's parties are "pity parties" and, therefore, makes Nikki feel some type of way about it.

Then the issue of Winston's custody is revisited. Nikki claims she loves Winston like a son -- but Brie is having none of it. (And there's a gross incident involving peas.) But hey -- Nikki's having a blast at the Kids Choice Awards.

Finally, we get to see the Bella brother, JJ, beefing with his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Lauren -- and JJ and Lauren, of course, feel betrayed by JJ's family because they all know about their potential split while they were trying to keep it all a secret. (Not really sure how that was supposed to work...)

Ultimately, the unhappy couple decide to go to counseling. It goes as well as you think it would.

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