"Total Bellas" S2E4 Recap: John Cena And Nikki Bicker Over Power Of Attorney, Brie Baby-Belly Shoot

Birdie Joe Danielson is on her way, folks, and she's coming whether Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are ready or not -- and, as we learn in tonight's Total Bellas Season 2 Episode 4 recap, they definitely fall on the wrong side of "not."

Like every parent, Brie and Daniel are thinking about the future for the soon-to-be Birdie, and on tonight's episode, they discussed who would take care of the little one should something terrible happen and they are no longer able to do so. Brie's first choice of godparent is, logically, darling Nikki... but there's a catch named John Cena, who has steadfastly indicated that he does not want little Faces that Run the Place, either with Nikki or anyone else. Bummer.

So, Brie -- at her final maternity shoot, no less -- makes the next logical choice: her brother, JJ, and his wife, Lauren.

Perhaps as is to be expected, Nikki feels some type of way about all this. Also perhaps as is to be expected, Cena is an even bigger pain in the ass than we all realized prior to this. In the car, Cena -- who, at this point, hasn't asked Nikki to marry him -- flips out when he realizes that Nikki hasn't set up a will or a living trust. But when Nikki tells Cena that she wants him to have power of attorney so he can make life-and-death decisions on her behalf if she becomes incapacitated, it takes about 2 seconds for Cena to say "nope." Classy!

Naturally, this opens up a whole new can of worms involving Nikki and her place in John's life, and why he hasn't married her, and kids, and all of it.

She even goes so far as to try to convince herself that it's okay to just be "life partners" with someone else. (Girl...)

"He's been saying he's for marriage for how long and I still haven't been proposed to," Nikki said. "But there is nothing wrong with being life partners." (Girl...!)

Of course, then -- spoiler alert! -- it gets revealed in the hot tub that Cena just MIGHT be changing his mind about not being married after all.

Now, while it was great that Cena made this nice reveal to Nikki via a surrogate (and we all knew it was gonna happen, given that Cena and Nikki are facing off against The Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania), and while Cena can certainly be a pain in the ass, Brie didn't help the situation by being super-snarky about it.

That said, the maternity shoot was adorable.

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