Triple H Disagrees With New Signee Saying She Won't Be A Heel

Recent WWE signing Kacy Catanzaro most likely won't face any speed bumps as she learns the physical side of wrestling. A former competitor on American Ninja Warrior, she has a fearlessness that should suit her well in the ring. But the real question is what will Catanzaro's character be when she's ready to make her debut.

Triple H, who's had a hand in developing countless young superstars, told USA Today he thinks Catanzaro might find success as a cocky heel.

"I like to think of myself as a nice guy, (but) I made 90 percent of my career being the worst guy in the business," he said. "She might end up being the bad guy that thinks she's better than everybody else, because she was the hero on American Ninja Warrior."

He continued: "She has a little twinkle in her eye. She might be the kind of person that embraces the evil side."

As noted, Catanzaro has a different opinion and said she hopes for her character to spread positivity, the same way she does in real life.

"I'm not gonna be a bad guy," she said. "I'm definitely gonna be a babyface (and) keep the same (positive) brand that I am in Ninja, which is honestly who I am in general."

Source: USA Today


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