Why Inanna Sarkis Was At WWE PC (Video), Actor Wears Kevin Owens Shirt On Red Carpet, Sheamus Note

- Actress and YouTube personality Inanna Sarkis was at the Performance Center a couple of weeks ago to film the sketch above, which was released today. In the video, Sarkis is trying out at the Performance Center for the Mae Young Classic, only to find out that it was filmed months ago. Sarkis asked if she could go to Las Vegas for the finals this Tuesday, and NXT head coach Matt Bloom agreed.

- Sheamus has been getting some media for posting the tweet below stating that Liverpool Football Club's Sadio Mane could have a future in WWE. Mane delivered an accidental kick to the head of Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson this past Saturday, which resulted in Ederson being taken out of the game on a stretcher. Mane later apologized for the collision on his Facebook page.

- Actor Paul Walter Hauser wore a "Kevin Owens - Sami Zayn" t-shirt to the premiere of his latest film, I, Tonya, which stars Margot Robbie and Sebastian Stan. You can check out photos of Hauser wearing the shirt at this link. Hauser is a big wrestling fan and has several wrestling-related photos on his Instagram, as seen below:


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