Why Jinder Mahal Wasn't At UFC 215, WWE Looks At Potential Opponents For Asuka, This Week's 205 Live

- UFC Fighter Arjan Bhullar is the first of Indian descent to win a UFC fight, doing so at last night's UFC 215 against Luis Henrique via Unanimous Decision. Above, he was asked why Jinder Mahal - who was scheduled to walk out with him - wasn't at UFC 215. Bhullar said that Hurricane Irma kept Mahal grounded in Florida.

"He gave me a call, he's caught in the hurricane," Bhullar said. "He lives in Tampa, Florida and he's like 'You know what brother, I got four different properties down here, got me dog down here. I just haven't been able to make peace and then leave this.' So, he decided to bunker down there, so 'The Maharaja' got grounded, but I'm thinking of him. I told him stay safe - first and foremost - and we'll see him in the foreseeable future."

- This week, the Mae Young Classic Finals will be live right after SmackDown at 10pm ET on the WWE Network, typically when 205 Live would air. 205 Live is still a go as it's slated to start at 10:30pm ET.

- WWE took a look at five dream matches for Asuka on the main roster, looking at both Raw and SmackDown Superstars. The five opponents include: Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch. After a collarbone injury sidelined Asuka in August, she relinquished the NXT Women's Championship to move to the main roster in the coming weeks.


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