WWE 205 Live Results (9/19): Enzo And Neville Face Off, Jack Gallagher Attacks Cedric Alexander

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- Recap of Enzo's move to 205 Live and his encounters with Neville as their No Mercy title match nears.

- Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us in as they talk about Neville and Enzo having a face-to-face later tonight.

Cedric Alexander vs. The Brian Kendrick

Alexander with a flurry of strikes sending Kendrick to the outside, immediately goes for a suicide dive, taking down Kendrick. Ref gets to a count of eight before both make it into the ring, Cedric with a flying nothing off the top rope, rolls through, Kendrick brings him down with a big kick, pin, two-count. Irish whip into the corner by Kendrick who looks to slow things down. Hits a butterfly suplex, pin, two. Kendricks with all the momentum now, grinding away at Alexander, hitting him with forearms across the face as he sits on Alexander's back.

Alexander with a mini-comeback, gets blasted out to the apron. Jumping kick stuns Kendrick, springboard clothesline, pin, two. Kendrick goes for sliced bread #2, countered. Kendrick attempts to roll up Alexander, but their momentum carried Alexander to get the pin instead.

Winner: Cedric Alexander via Pinfall

- Post-match, Kendrick goes out to jaw with Alexander and Gallagher heads down the ramp with the sneak attack. Kendrick puts Alexander in an abdominal stretch as Gallagher kicks and headbutts Alexander out of this world.

- Up later tonight, Rich Swann vs. Lince Dorado.

- Backstage, Drew Gulak (with "No Chants" sign in hand) heads out to the ring.

- Backstage, Dasha Fuentes asks Jack Gallagher why he attacked Cedric Alexander. He responded that in life, you can be nice, or you can be a winner. Mentioning the cut he received by Kendrick, "I can live with a scar, but not being a joke." Looks like these two are teaming up going forward.

- Drew Gulak out to the ring as we see a recap of his segment with Breezango from last week. Gulak hops up on the announcer table and says he's a man with big ideas and he does not back down. He talked about how awful "fashion jail" was and ponders how unspeakable it was to be there. He called out Akira Tozawa and his incessant chanting. Gulak compares his plight on 205 Live to Galileo and his idea will be proven right in due time. We then get more of his power point presentation! "No cell phones" is the first slide, but Tozawa heads before we can go any further, much to Gulak's dismay, who then joins commentary.

Akira Tozawa vs. Noam Dar

Gulak calls Titus Worldwide garbage as Tozawa goes to work on Dar in the early stages of the Match. Dar finally gets some offense in with a kick to Tozawa's knee. Tozawa counters a back suplex, elbow sends Dar out of the ring. Suicide dive by Tozawa, tosses Dar back in for the quick pin, only gets two. Dar able to recover with a diving European uppercut as he continues to focus on Tozawa's legs. Tozawa able to drop Dar, climbs to the top, and hits a senton splash. Gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Akira Tozawa via Pinfall

- Post-match, Tozawa taunts Gulak as he stares angrily back at Tozawa.

- Recap of Swann and TJP's match from last week.

- In the locker room, TJP talks to Swann and says he apologizes how he acted and they look to work things out. TJP says they have great chemistry in the ring and should keep it going. Swann doesn't think it's such a good idea with how tense things got between them. TJP wants to get one more match, Swann disagrees, a dejected TJP shakes hands with him as Swann heads out.

- Rich Swann vs. Lince Dorado was up next, but cameras cut to the back as Dorado lays on the ground from an attack. Swann heads up the ramp to check on him and TJP blasts him on the stage. TJP then rips out a piece of Swann's hair and yells "You can't handle this!" TJP with a kick to the stomach. He laughs, heads towards the back, then stops, gets all serious, and gives Swann a detonation kick before heading off for good.

- Up next is the face off between WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville and Enzo Amore with Neville heading out first. To kick off his promo, Neville hypes No Mercy and the top two matches Reigns/Cena and Strowman/Lesnar. He says there will also be a comedy on the event as Enzo attempts to take him on for the title. Neville says he will expose Enzo as a stain on the moral fabric of society and someone who is not qualified to step into his world. Enzo's music hits and out he comes with his shoulder taped up from Strowman's attack on Raw. Neville laughs and brings up Strowman's attack, saying he should probably just stay at home and recover. Instead, he's here "dancing like a chicken" as he mocks Enzo's dance.

Enzo says Neville is just jealous because since he's arrived, 205 Live is now the realest show in the room. Neville responds that he is the most formidable cruiserweight on Earth and that he's better in ever way conceivable. Enzo says he will agree, he can't match up in the ring, but he says that just proves his point about Neville's jealousy and that he is twice the Superstar that Neville is. Enzo then runs down all of his achievements (selling merch, being on Miz TV, hanging with The Weekend on the weekend). Crowd is not really popping for Enzo as he continues on calling Neville a "big fish in a small pond."

Neville decided he's not going to make this quick and that he doesn't care about being a Superstar or selling merch. "None of that stuff matters! You lad. You can't fight." He says that all of his cheating tactics won't help him and the best he can hope for is survival on Sunday. Enzo says Neville is right, none of those tactics will help him win a championship, but this isn't Sunday and he ends up kicking Neville between the legs. The crowd reaction was mixed at best as he left the ring, Neville glares at him from the ring.


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