WWE MYC Match Nearing 2 Million Views, Lana Climbs Giant Haystack In A Bikini (Video), John Cena

- In the latest Hard Nocks South Life video, John Cena goes through a super set, changing workouts at a quicker pace. Cena will be taking on Roman Reigns at No Mercy on September 24.

- A clip of Kavita Devi vs. Dadota Kai from the Mae Young Classic is currently just over 1.8 million views. According to F4WOnline's Daily Update, this is thanks to the organic interest from India over Devi, as well as Indian news sites embedding the video for their articles. As a comparison, the second most viewed match is Princesa Sugehit vs. Kay Lee Ray at 107k views.

- Lana is currently in Bulgaria with Rusev as they film for Total Divas. While in a bikini, Lana was able to successfully scale a giant haystack. Once at the top, Lana proclaimed she is now a "professional farmer."


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