WWE NXT Results (9/6): Asuka Relinquishes NXT Women's Title, Ohno Vs. Itami No DQ, El Idolo Wins

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Tonight's episode will feature two guys that lay in their work in Kassius Ohno and Hideo Itami in a No DQ match. Andrade "Cien" Almas gets a rematch against the powerhouse Cezar Bononi. Injured NXT Women's Champion will announce her future plans.

- We open up with a video package showing the troubles that Hideo Itami has had in recent months which led to a clash with his opponent tonight, Kassius Ohno.

- Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the show and runs down tonight's card, including the aforementioned main event. Let's go to the ring for our first bout.

Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Cezar Bononi

Zelina Vega tells her client to go do business, then she joins the commentary team for the match. Almas shows his newfound aggression early as a loud chop starts the match. He continues the early advantage until Bononi reverses a whip into a big lariat. Vega doing a nice job at taking credit for Almas' new success and putting Bononi over at the same time. After Almas regains the upper hand with a booming back elbow, Vega yells to Almas to "finish him" meaning Bononi. He listens and drops Bononi with the Hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner via Pin Fall: Andrade "Cien" Almas

- Footage from last week looking at the new ROH faction wreaking havoc. Mr. Regal makes an announcement saying that they can be a part of NXT, but have to fight in the ring and not at the PC or parking lot.

- Backstage with Christy St. Cloud at Asuka's locker room looking to have a word with the current champ. Velveteen Dream takes the mic and says he'll speak when the ambiance is right, but it's still not quite perfect. He says he'll speak soon.

Lars Sullivan vs. Three Unfortunate Gentlemen

Jobbers draw straws to see who starts, but Lars wants all three at once. You can imagine what happens next. Suplexes and throws abound. Crowd comparing Sullivan to a Ryback/Braun Strowman combination and don't pay much attention to the squash. Lars mercifully pins one of them for the victory.

Winner via Pin Fall: Lars Sullivan

- After the match, Sullivan isn't through and goes to town on his fallen opponents. No Way Jose's music hits to a nice pop. Jose tentatively approaches the ring and recounts Lars' attack on him and his conga line in Brooklyn. They stare nose to nose for a quick moment as Jose takes the first shot. After a couple of jabs, Lars takes over pretty easily and spikes Jose to the ground.

- A look back earlier in the week where Johnny Gargano was holding his media availability. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabetelli interrupt the news conference and say they essentially broke up DIY. Johnny challenges one of them to a match next week.

- Vignette for the former Daria, now dubbed Sonya Deville.

- Video from SAnitY addressing Cole, O'Reilly, and Fish. Eric Young cuts a promo on them as Nikki Cross laughs menacingly in the background. Wolfe says the only thing they're interested in is CHAOSSSSS.

Zeda vs. Sonya Deville

Either Zeda's music has crowd noise or they piped some in. Lots of cheers for a motionless crowd. Deville looks the part and has the entrance to match. Deville with the go-behind and throws Zeda several times. Zeda, an amateur MMA fighter in her own right, able to make a few creative reversals. Make no mistake about it, this is Sonya's showcase. Zeda hits the ropes but promptly speared into oblivion and rolls outside. Sonya throws her back in to look for a legitimate victory. After one minuscule kick from Zeda before Deville takes her down with a swift boot of her own. Deville locks in the arm bar and triangle combo for the immediate tap, even with the official in awful position to see the tap.

Winner via Submission: Sonya Deville

- Footage of drills at the PC. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch tagging up and doing good work, and Mr. Regal takes notice. Ruby Riot goes up the NXT GM and asks for a handicap match with Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Regal says he can't do that in good conscience, but tells Riot to find a tag team partner for a match next week.

Kassius Ohno vs. Hideo Itami (No Disqualification Match)

Ohno starts out hot with a power slam and leg drop. He follows it up with a knife edge chop and running suplex. First cover for a two. Itami reverses a whip, Ohno catches himself, but Itami comes through with a shot that sends Ohno into the steel post and then back-first onto the steel steps. Itami finally puts him back in the ring and goes on a short onslaught. Itami goes hunting under the ring for some toys and finds a chair, which he throws into the ring. Ohno takes hold and wrestles it away, throws it back to Itami, who then re-reverses and throws it into Ohno's elbow. We go to break with both men down.

We're back and Itami still in control. A couple disrespectful kicks just fire up the Knockout Artist. Nice combo of strikes then shining wizard and kick. Itami back up and gets Ohno up for a GTS, but Ohno reverses it into a fireman's carry of his own. He tosses Itami down and blasts an elbow that sends Itami all the way to the ramp. We stay near gorilla, but Itami turns a front face lock into a fisherman's suplex on the ramp. Now back ringside, Itami grabs the chair and leans it near Ohno's head. Running drop kick hits its mark but Ohno kicks out at the last second. Itami goes on a rant about respect, which firmly puts the crowd in Ohno's favor. Itami goes for the low blow, but Ohno catches him this time. Itami smartly with a well placed poke of the eye, gets him up for the GTS, but Ohno hops out and hits a low blow of his own. He then winds up for the roaring elbow and it connects. Goodnight, Irene.

Winner via Pin Fall: Kassius Ohno

- Ruby Riot and a mystery partner vs. Royce/Kay next week. The UK Title will be on the line as well as Pete Dunne battles to keep his title against Wolfgang.

- Mr. Regal introduces Asuka, who joins him in the ring. The champ is all smiles and gets a positive reaction from the Full Sail crowd. She says she's been in NXT for almost two years and has fought many great superstars. She makes it well known that she loves NXT and grown so much while she's been there. Mr. Regal commends Asuka for defending the title with honor and calls her one of the greatest champions in WWE history. Regal announces that he and Asuka have began negotiations with both RAW and SD Live. Unfortunately this means she will be dropping the title. Nice little line where Regal says "the rest of the world will know what they already know, and that's" (Asuka takes over) "No one is ready for Asuka!" The NXT women's roster is the first to come to the stage and pay respect, followed by the male superstars and officials. Asuka says the fans are NXT, and she is NXT, and where ever she goes, NXT will go with her. Ember Moon steps forward for one final confrontation. The fans are split between "hug it out" and "one more match." Ember puts her hand out for a handshake, but pulls it away as Asuka reciprocates the offer. However, only a joke as they indeed hug it out as Asuka is on her way out. Last but not least, Triple H embraces the undefeated Asuka with a bouquet of flowers. Asuka appears to get a bit emotional as HHH makes the announcement of her reign of an undefeated 523 days.


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