WWE NXT Results: Bruiserweight Defends UK Title, Riot Needs Iconic Partner, More

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Tonight's episode features a United Kingdom Championship match between the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne, and the Last King of Scotland, Wolfgang. Ruby Riot also finds a tag team partner to take on the iconic due of Royce and Kay.

- Ranallo and the crew welcome us to the show and talk about Asuka's sendoff last week. They hype tonight's card including the aforementioned matches. Let's get right to the women's tag match.

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay vs. Ruby Riot & Nikki Cross

Before the match, they show the video from the PC last week, but cut out the Lorcan/Burch teamwork. The Iconic Duo's facial expressions are main roster ready. Should be noted that the new female referee is in the stripes for this match. Aussies ahead early with quick tags and ground and pound style offense. We're shown Nikki Cross sneaking into the ringside area. Royce gets Riot caught in the ropes and uses her long legs to her advantage with a rope aided submission. Double team on Riot as she goes face first into the match. Kay with a cover and a near fall, and wasn't happy to receive just a two count. Swing and miss as Riot ducks a forearm which makes Kay hit Royce. Cross finds her way to the ring apron and tags herself in the match. She goes on a rampage and cleans house and nonchalantly tags Riot back in to finish the job. Riot hits a top rope senton for the victory as Riot looks a bit confused as Cross trots off to the back.

Winner(s?) via Pin Fall: Riot & Cross

- Look back at the "confrontation" between Johnny Gargano and Moss/Sabbatelli. Johnny Wrestling will take on Riddick Moss up next.

- Christy St. Cloud interviews No Way Jose backstage. They chat about Lars Sullivan. Jose calls Sullivan a little bit crazy and an animal. He lays down a challenge to Lars for next week.

Johnny Gargano vs. Riddick Moss

Gargano has some new star appeal with the new entrance and gear. Riddick Moss has whatever the opposite of that is. Good thing Sabbatelli can walk and chew gum at the same time, or he'd be in trouble. Moss going with the size advantage early, but Gargano using his in-ring acumen to get out of bad situations. Gargano now playing the role of rag doll as Moss tosses him across the ring to absolutely now crowd reaction. Gargano goes for broke but a back elbow flattens the smaller Gargano. He methodically works Gargano over as we go to break.

We're back and it's more of the same. Crowd trying desperately to get Moss to be entertaining, but no such luck. Moss stomping a mud hole through Johnny and the trash talk ensues. Moss whips Gargano into opposite turnbuckles. Gargano fighting with true baby face spirit throwing random hay makers from the left side. Low bridge sends Moss outside and Gargano goes flying. Sabatelli comes over to distract Gargano and leaves enough time for Moss to hit him between the ropes. Johnny able to get back into it and apply the Gargano-Escape, but Moss makes the ropes. Gargano looks puzzled, then seems to have a flashback to the DIY shirt in his hands at Brooklyn. He finally snaps back to reality, kicks Tino's head off, then hits his jumping spear through the ropes for the win.

Winner via Pin Fall: Johnny Gargano

- Vignette for the Street Profits, who are up next. Sweet.

Street Profits vs. Ealy Brothers

I like this match up a lot actually. Ealy's are freaky athletic and Montez Ford is freaky charismatic. Dawkins is a nice filler for SP until Ford goes on his own. Dawkins starts us off against Ealy #1. Ealy grabs the headbands of Dawkins and you'd think he talked about his momma. Ford tagged in and tandem offense is on the menu. Unique teamwork by the very over Street Profits. I believe Ealy #2 played twin magic and attacked the celebrating SP. Hot tags made and Dawkins gets some shine with a bevy of offense. His offense is very basketball based. Tag made and splash made from Ford for the win.

Winners via Pin Fall: Street Profits

- Street Profits celebrate with the NXT Universe in the crowd.

- A look back at the NXT run of now main roster bound, former NXT Women's Champion, Asuka.

- St. Cloud with Mr. Regal and asks about the future of the newly vacant NXT Women's Championship. Regal says he has a lot to think about and will let us know in the next few weeks.

- Alesiter Black will speak for the very first time next week.

- St. Cloud asks Wolfgang about his mindset for this match. He says he's never been more ready for a match and will leave with the UK title as his crown. She asks Dunne the same question, who gnashes the title in his teeth and simply walks out as his music hits.

Wolfgang vs. Pete Dunne (c) (WWE UK Championship Match)

Nice reaction for the challenger, but no match for the pop of Dunne. They get the spotlight treatment for this title match. Wolfgang looks to be in great shape in comparison to the UK Tournament. Test of strength kicks us off as Dunne wins the battle of wills and takes down the big man. Joint manipulation is apparently legal in the UK scene as Dunne uses it to his advantage. Wolfgang showing some nice mat based wrestling with a cravat that he holds on to through a roll and a 3/4 Nelson until Dunne is able to break. Wolfgang showing some agility, but Dunne puts a stop to it quickly. Dunne leaps over the ropes for a DDT-esque move that sends Wolfgang into the edge of the apron face-first. We go to break.

We're back and Wolfgang is in a bit of trouble, but not for long, as he suplexes Dunne. Whip by Dunne sends Wolfy into the corner and follows it up with an enziguri. Dunne charges, but Wolfgang darn near shoot spears him into oblivion. Wolfgang with an honest to goodness Tope to Dunne and follows it up with a moonsault. Only a two count. Dunne, now desperate, heads to the top. Wolfgang intercepts. Wolfgang then hits a beautiful stalling superplex. Wolfgang goes for the Howling, but Dunne reverses into a cross arm breaker and a triangle, which Wolfgang lifts out of. A pair of big boots exchanged by both men and they're down. Wolfgang back up first and takes a rebound suplex. He pops back up and takes another shot. Dunne finally able to set up the Bitter End, which spells the end for Wolfgang's challenge.

Winner via Pin Fall & STILL UK Champion: Pete Dunne

- After the match, the newly dubbed "Undisputed" group comes out to confront Dunne. The Bruiserweight tries to take on all three, is unsuccessful due that darn numbers game, and Wolfgang comes to help his UK cohort. Dunne slides out of the way as the former ROH stars continue the beatdown on Wolfgang. Dunne appears to be feeling bad for his old pal, but only goes far enough to the ring to grab his title and hightail it up the ramp. Tyler Bate and Trent Seven come to Wolfgang's aid, and it appears we have a fun six-man tag scheduled for later.


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