WWE NXT Results (9/20): Brits Face Undisputed Era, Black Breaks Silence, Belair Whips To Win, More

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Tonight's episode features UK talents Mustache Mountain (Bate and Seven) vs. two thirds of the newly dubbed "Undisputed Era" trio of O'Reilly, Fish, and Cole. Aleister Black is also scheduled to speak for the very first time on NXT television.

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- NXT begins with a memorial graphic of the recently departed legend, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

- Mauro Ranallo hypes tonight's tag team main event along with the inaugural spoken words of Aleister Black.

Johnny Gargano vs. Tino Sabbatelli

The impressive looking Tino tries to emote some charisma with a couple slaps to Johnny, but was unfortunately unsuccessful. Gargano sends a chop Tino's way, rebounds off the ropes, and gets met with an above average drop kick from Sabbetelli. Tino in firm control, hiding his limited in-ring ability with a rest hold. Johnny with a modified arm drag to get out trouble. Gargano throwing his unique punches that make an awesome sound, as does Johnny Wrestling's step up enziguri. Tino hits a power slam off a reversal but wisely doesn't go for the cover. Gargano crawls up as Tino begins to talk more trash than his Martinez counterpart. Gargano pops up and transitions into the Gargano-Escape and Tino taps quicker than he'll be released later this year.

Winner via Submission: Johnny Gargano

- Roderick Strong enters Mr. Regal's office. He says he promised to defeat Bobby Roode and head onto the NXT Championship to face Drew McIntyre. He kept his first promise, and asks for the title match. Mr. Regal obliges. That match will be in two weeks.

- A look back at Asuka's sendoff and relinquishing of the NXT Women's Championship.

- Sonya Deville cuts a promo backstage. She says there's a reason she and Asuka never faced, and that's because she would have broken Asuka's undefeated streak. Now that Asuka's gone, she lays claim to the newly vacant title and invites the rest of the roster to put their "hair up, and square up."

Lacey Evans vs. Bianca Belair

Belair is losing an opportunity by not coming out to the "Whip, Nae Nae" song. Just saying. Brawling affair starts off with two of NXT's brighter prospects. Belair with a double chicken wing slam for a long two count. Crowd not really into this one, but nothing wrong with the match. Belair catches Evans in the ropes and uses the leverage to her advantage. Evans counters with a leg sweep and sweet slingshot elbow. Belair catches Evans and impressively flips her over for a suplex. Evans back up and goes on a nice flurry of straight rights and knees. Belair ducks a shot and sends Evans face first to the ropes. Enter the ponytail as a legal (and lethal) weapon, which Evans sells like a gunshot. This sets up for a reverse power bomb. One, two, tres.

Winner via Pin Fall: Bianca Belair

- Aleister Black out in a nice suit, in which he sheds the jacket and rolls up the sleeves quickly. Not much for playing dress up I would assume. He says 15 years ago, he started a journey that led him to NXT. He says his journey includes stories from those 15 years on his body in the form of scars and tattoos. As the story gets good, The Velveteen Dream interrupts. Dream wearing all black in the form of a belly shirt turtleneck. He says Black hasn't seen the light of the Velveteen Dream. Velveteen says he doesn't see pain or scars, just lies in the form of tattoos. Dream says Black is scared of fear and seeing the light. Dream says he see Black has a heart, it's just in the wrong place. Black Mass hits the hands of Dream knocking the mic out of his hand as Black sits in his trademark Indian style position. For once this doesn't faze his opponent as Dream kneels down and seductively crawls to and way from Black. Yes...I just typed seductively.

- Look back at the last few weeks' happenings between No Way Jose and Lars Sullivan. Their match is next.

- Backstage vignette with Dakota Kai. She says she may be new to NXT, but those who watched the Mae Young Classic knows exactly who she is. She says she can handle herself in the ring and is the captain of "Team Kick," and wants a shot at the NXT Women's title.

No Way Jose vs. Lars Sullivan

Jose shuffling right out of the gate landing a combo of rights. Jose goes for a cross body but the human cinder block doesn't go down. Lars throws Jose to the outside and there's no conga line to catch him. Knee strikes and shots to the apron on the outside before throwing the dance machine back in. Running splashes in the corner render Jose motionless, but Lars decides to apply a chin lock instead of continuing the onslaught. Jose fights out and hops on Sullivan's back with a sleeper, but Lars sends him in the corner and gets him off his back. Jose continues all sorts of striking options, only to be no-sold by Sullivan. The behemoth heads to the top and hits a diving headbutt, yet that's not his finish. He picks up Jose for the delayed slam for the win.

Winner via Pin Fall: Lars Sullivan

- The NXT Championship match between Strong and McIntyre is made official for two weeks away.

Tyler Bate & Trent Seven vs. Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish

Bate and O'Reilly kick us off. Nice grappling to start. Tags made quickly and nice tandem offense from the mustachioed gentlemen. Fish sent right to the outside by Seven, but his dive to the outside stopped by O'Reilly. The former Redragon not missing a beat with quick tags and textbook tag team wrestling. Seven kicks out of multiple covers, and now covering Fish's chest in welts after a couple chops. We fight to a stalemate and both teams end up outside as we go to break.

Fish and Seven back and forth as we return. Short armed clothesline that Seven calls the Seven Star Lariat. Both men low to their feet as Cole begs his cohort to get to the corner. Hot tags made. Fish full steam ahead but met with a boot by the young Englishman. Bate with a deadlift but doesn't convert the suplex. Bate catches Fish again and this time gets the suplex all the way through. Double team offense to O'Reilly, jack knife cover but just a two. O'Reilly reverses the Tyler Driver into a guillotine body scissors. Bate lifts O'Reilly but Fish takes out Seven and comes in to break up the offense with a shot to the knee. Kick and suplex combo from the former ROH tag champs only gets a two. They try for it a second time, but no dice. Bate pushes them into each other and makes the tag. Seven goes on a strike fest, but gets surprised with a flying arm bar from O'Reilly. Seven reverses, but Fish with a kick to stop the return. Cole takes out Bate as he attempted to make the save. Redragon counts down to their double roundhouse kicks, they meet their mark, and hit their hi-lo finish for the win.

Winners via Pin Fall: Fish & O'Reilly

- After the match, Drew McIntyre's music hits and he charges the ring. TUE looks like they're ready for a fight, but head for the hills at the first sight of a charge from McIntyre. SAnitY appears from the back curtain. I always love the heels turning around to have fear struck in their eyes. Everyone fighting everywhere as the crowd chants NXT. The melee continues as we go off the air.


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