WWE NXT Results (9/27): Adam Cole Makes In-Ring Debut, Aichner's Impressive Outing, Lars/Lorcan

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Tonight's show features the NXT in-ring debut of Adam Cole (BAY BAY), who takes on the leader of SAnitY, Eric Young. Kassius Ohno will also face another debut in former CWC competitor, Fabian Aichner.

- Mr. Regal makes an announcement to open the show. He says there will be a fatal four-way at NXT TakeOver: Houston to determine the new NXT Women's Champion. Winner of the Mae Young Classic, Kairi Sane, has already been announced for the match. A series of matches over the next few weeks will determine the other three participants.

- SAnitY comes to the ring. Eric Young says time and space doesn't matter, but chaos does. He says the only thing sure in life is change. EY says he will take Adam Cole to the edge of SAnitY tonight.

- The announce crew hypes tonight's card as we head to the ring for our first bout.

Lars Sullivan vs. Oney Lorcan

Christy St. Cloud interviews Lorcan before making his entrance, and he simply says he doesn't like Lars and the fact he thinks he can bully guys like No Way Jose around. Bell rings and Lorcan goes full speed ahead only to be mowed down. Beautiful and loud drop kick from Oney, but does little damage to Sullivan, who slings Lorcan to the outside. Lorcan gets Lars on the apron and upper cuts him down to the floor, but still on his feet. Lorcan goes for a huge dive, and Lars catches him in mid-air and drops him face first on the apron. Back in the ring and Lorcan won't quit. Open palm slaps that sound like shotguns just rile up the big man. Another uppercut dazes Sullivan, but Lorcan is no match in the end as he gets leveled by a clothesline. Sullivan hits his waist lock power slam for the victory.

Winner via Pin Fall: Lars Sullivan

- After the match, Lars goes back for more, but Lorcan's former rival Danny Burch comes to make the save. I foresee a handicap match in their future.

- Kayla Braxton backstage with Ruby Riot. When asked about Nikki Cross, she says she hasn't seen her since their impromptu tag team a few weeks ago.

Heavy Machinery vs. Demetrius Bronson and Patrick Scott

Knight and Scott start us off and Knight spoils us with a wrist lock. He then proceeds to lift the smaller man into the rafters. Scott slaps Knight's chest, but only hurts his hand. Double underhook suplex by the Knight Train. Bronson is tagged in as is Dozovic. Tandem diving headbutts by Heavy Machinery. Bronson leap frogs an attack and gets a couple minor jabs in before the bull dozier gets rolling. Dozovic sashes his way to an elbow drop and makes the tag. Tag made and a sandwich is made out of their adversaries. Knight makes the pin on both men for the win.

Winners via Pin Fall: Heavy Machinery

- Mr. Regal speaking with the media outside the PC. Johnny Gargano exits the building and Mr. Regal calls him over. Apparently Johnny made a request to face Andrade "Cien" Almas again, and Mr. Regal grants that request for two weeks away.

- St. Cloud with Roderick Strong in the gym. She asks how he's preparing, and, as all NXT guys are taught, he re-asks the question. He says he's preparing the same way he has for every match. He says he has Drew McIntyre rattled and he's fighting for his family. Strong says he's been close before, but this time will be different, and he knows he's indestructible and won't stop. Strong says Drew doesn't have the tenacity to beat him. We shall find out, because that match is next week.

Liv Morgan vs. Vanessa Borne

Both ladies have in-set promos prepped during their entrance. Borne's theme is one of my new favorites. New female referee is on the call for this one. They tie up and go promptly into some mat-based wrestling. Morgan hits a leaping leg drop. Drop toe hold throws Liv into the turnbuckle face first. Borne showing some viciousness and possibly hiding some of their in-ring acumen. Morgan rings out some offense including a double stomp in the corner. Not pretty but effective. Morgan hits a Codebreaker of sorts for the victory.

Winner via Pin Fall: Liv Morgan

- Recap of last week's segment with Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream, which was a nice piece of business.

- Footage of Aleister Black doing some strike practice in the PC. The ring needs a bit of WD-40. Black asked about Velveteen Dream. He says in an age of individuality, there's always one who thinks they're more unique, as well as many parables describing the same situation.

- Promo for the debuting Fabian Aichner, who faces Kassius Ohno up next.

Kassius Ohno vs. Fabian Aichner

Ohno still gets a big pop every night. Aichner the relative unknown to the crowd. Aichner given some power moves early on to be established as a threat. Ohno hits a big boot that sends the Italian superstar to the floor. Ohno looks to fly, but catches himself. Aichner hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on the much bigger Ohno with ease upon return. Now Aichner goes flying with a leaping springboard dive that makes the place come unglued. Aichner slows the pace now after a nice stalling suplex. Aichner with impressive power catches Ohno for a running power slam. Double springboard moonsault by Fabian, but nobody home. Ohno then hits his greatest hits with a big elbow and shotgun kick. Spinning kick from Ohno gets the win, but Aichner dominates the match. Nicely done by both men.

Winner via Pin Fall: Kassius Ohno

- A sitting (probably) Vic Joseph interviews Drew McIntyre. Although he knows Strong is game for a fight, McIntyre says he'll hold on to the title.

- Vignette for the MYC winner and new contender for the NXT Women's title, Kairi Sane.

Adam Cole (w/ Fish & O'Reilly) vs. Eric Young (w/ SAnitY)

Before the match, Cole cuts a promo and says he's not sure how NXT has gotten this far without them. He says there's something new in the air, and you can feel it, and it's change. They're here to shock the system. They're undisputed, and it's their era.

SAnitY makes their entrance to a nice pop, as the crowd seems genuinely interested in this interaction. Pretty obvious overdub from Ranallo as the two stall before finally going at it. Young is the aggressor early on. Cole with a shot and looks for a BayBay! but only gets a forearm to the face for the effort. EY almost tripped up by the former ReDRagon, but Wolfe and Dain comes to his aid. Cole with an Irish whip to the corner that sends EY buckling. EY fights out of a head lock, but a knee sits him back down. Young on the apron, and gets met with a roundhouse from Cole. More interaction by their respective partners on the outside, but Cole smartens up and goes for a cover and a near fall. Cole with a rear chin lock, but the crowd gets Young back into it. EY runs the ropes, but Cole locks in a sleeper off the rebound. Suplex reversal from Young resets the match. Young going on a tirade with clotheslines, forearms, and tops it off with a leaping neck breaker. Both men up top, but Young disposes of Cole. Young has a shot to finish the job, but decides to dive on all four of their partners who are scuffling at ringside. Cole hits a shining wizard to flatten Young for the win.

Winner via Pin Fall: Adam Cole


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