WWE Only Recently Found Out About Baron Corbin Being Part Of NFL Concussion Lawsuit

Earlier this month, it was reported that Baron Corbin's backstage heat stemmed from an argument with Dr. Joseph Maroon during a wrestlers' meeting in August. The latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has revealed yet another wrinkle in the situation that could explain Corbin's halted push.

Corbin, a former professional football player, took exception to Maroon downplaying the link between concussions and CTE and started an argument with Maroon. The argument was described as awkward and uncomfortable, with many believing that Corbin should have addressed the matter privately rather than in the middle of the meeting. It's highly likely that WWE officials grew even more uncomfortable once they found out Corbin's involvement in a football players' concussion lawsuit against the NFL.

"It also came out in the discussion that Corbin was one of the players suing the NFL in a concussion lawsuit, which makes things weird given he's now working as a pro wrestler," Dave Meltzer wrote in the Observer. "Plus WWE apparently wasn't aware of this fact until this past month."

Corbin had been on his way to a run at the top of the card after winning the Money In The Bank briefcase. But he lost his cash-in attempt and then lost to John Cena in a lackluster match at SummerSlam. He has also been criticized over his use of social media, getting into multiple arguments over Twitter with fans as well as fellow wrestlers.

Corbin now seems primed for a rivalry with AJ Styles for the United States Championship, so it doesn't seem like these incidents are causing any long-term damage for him.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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