WWE RAW Talk Recap: Cena On His Future And "Things Changing," Enzo Wants New Title, Alexa Bliss

Welcome to WrestlingInc's coverage of WWE RAW Talk. Get all the fallout from WWE No Mercy with hosts Renee Young and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Guests to include a defeated John Cena, a retaining Alexa Bliss, and new WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore.

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- Young and King welcome us to the show and show highlights of the main event. Enzo promptly interrupts the intro.

- Enzo proceeds to make weight jokes about Lawler and how he was able to make weight for 205 Live. Enzo notes that the kick was indeed good and that assisted in becoming champion. Enzo then goes onto talk about the title belt, which he wants to encrust in diamonds and leopard print. He notices Neville's name plates are still on the strap and look for ways to take them off. Enzo says he'll be the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time...all 40 minutes of it. Enzo has a hookup in mind, and not with the belt. Several Lord of the Rings jokes rotate within the interview. Enzo reviews the spot where Neville decides against the Red Arrow and turns his back on him. They talk about the "DDG" he hits for the near fall. Enzo then name drops several celebrities and his mom before taking off.

- Alexa Bliss joins the show, who says she ran through the entire women's division. Young says there are other ladies in the locker room, but Bliss buries the others in Fox, Dana, and Mickie. Bliss predicts a two minute win over Mickie James and throws in some old jokes for good measure. Bliss takes credit for bringing James back on SmackDown LIVE. Young brings up Asuka. Bliss vows to break the Empress of Tomorrow's undefeated streak upon her debut.

- John Cena joins the program. Cena makes a statement and admits he was a little tough on Reigns in the beginning, but he wants to be the best or a vessel for the best, and he believes Reigns feels the same way. Cena says he's made a career on earning respect, and Reigns earned his respect tonight. Renee asks about Cena being that vessel for young stars, and Cena says he lives by "step up or step aside." He wanted to bring the best out in Reigns. Cena says his job is to bring the best out in guys and points out The Miz. Cena says he was beaten by a better man inside the ring tonight and gave it his best effort. Cena says he can walk away saying he gave it his best in a losing effort. Cena says Reigns' future is in his own (Reigns) hands. King and Renee bring up the symbolic goodbye that Cena gave after the match. Cena says he saw Reigns grow up in the last month and it felt as if a burden was lifted off his shoulders, in a good way. He says he's always been "WWE first" unlike some other guys, and mentions Enzo Amore as having an "Enzo first" mentality. Cena says he feels proud of Roman for tonight's performance. When asked what he and Reigns spoke about right after the match, Cena doesn't give us any soundbites. Cena gets emotional when speaking of "transition." He reiterates he lost to a better man and likes the WWE's future in Reigns' hands. King pretty plainly asks if Cena is "gone." Cena says he's open to outside opportunities, but isn't done. Says he can't keep up with the same pace he's been going for the last several years. Cena puts Reigns over to the moon and gives him advice. In regards to "passing the torch," Cena says Reigns "took" it, that it wasn't passed. Cena says if Reigns shows respect, he'll get respect, and will go far in the business. Cena says a big Thank You to the WWE Universe for being loud in the good times and the bad. He confirms he's not "gone" but "things are changing."

- Young and King rehash Cena's final words and bid us adieu for the evening.


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