WWE Reportedly Denying Vince McMahon Bladed For Kevin Owens Segment

WWE officials internally are reportedly denying that Vince McMahon bladed during his segment with Kevin Owens on SmackDown Live last week, which saw McMahon bleeding after Owens headbutted him. It was speculated that the segment was planned for McMahon to bleed and that he bladed before the segment and covered it up with nu-skin, which would lead to the wound re-opening with a lot of blood.

Dave Meltzer is reporting in the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE is internally claiming that McMahon didn't blade and there was no blood planned for the segment. It was noted that it was similar to their statements regarding hardways in Brock Lesnar matches.

It was reported that the people involved in setting up the angle said that there was no talk before the angle about McMahon bleeding and how to shoot it. Meltzer added that nobody in WWE was talking about McMahon getting busted open before the segment and it just happened.

Meltzer noted that he watched the segment on a big screen and in the close-ups you could see a line going down Vince's forehead and the cut opened on that line after Owens delivered the headbutt. There was also more blood than would be expected from a headbutt. Meltzer added that people skeptical of the story note that if McMahon wouldn't tell anyone if he did blade.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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