Ahmed Johnson On Why He Stiffed Goldust During Match, Brock Lesnar, Getting Vandalized By WWE Stars

As noted, The Unsanctioned Podcast at FightBooth PW recently recently spoke with former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson regarding his controversial career. Johnson responded to recent criticism, his relationship with WWF talent from his time there, racist incidents, WCW, his relationship with Booker T and Stevie Ray, not becoming WWE champion, and much more. You can check out the full interview in the video above, below are some more highlights that they sent us:


His feud with Goldust, and why he went off with stiff blows during their match at King of the Ring:

"I love Goldust. Goldust is one of the best workers there is. What happened was, is I told him not to be kissing me and stuff for real, because we had rehearsed it to where he was supposed to put his hand over my mouth and kiss his hand. Because it was live TV I couldn't move if he did whatever he did that he said he would. And he didn't do it. He kissed me for real. And I was like, 'uh-huh'. That was blow-up time."

If he knew he would become the first black Intercontinental Champion:

"I didn't know. Because, what they did, they got us in the ring, they didn't tell us who was going to win or lose. They wanted to see how the match went. So, right at the end of the match, the referee whispered to me and said, 'Go over, Vince wants you to go over.' And so I went over and, boom, we got that big crowd pop and I became the first black singles [WWE] champion in history. And it was cool until I went out to my car and somebody had scratched 'congratulations ni–er' on my car. It was definitely one of the boys. Where we parked at, nobody could get to our cars but the boys. Somebody said they seen [some of the boys] back there, you know by the car. I couldn't put my finger on it."


What a match in his prime versus Brock Lesnar would look like:

"Probably would have started out a little general, and then it would have got to the point where, one of us would have felt disrespected, and it would have turned out to be a pretty real match where all the referees come down and the boys. I think it would have got real. It would have got real, real fast. It would have started out with storyline, but I think it would have got to the point where shooting would have took place, our attitudes. It would have been a good match for y'all to watch, but I don't think we would have been buddy-buddy or nothing."

Stevie Ray recently suggesting Johnson forgot spots in a match during the Harlem Heat / Booker T angle in WCW:

"No, what I did was, the match was made to make Booker look like a superstar, and I wasn't. So I didn't go for it. I acted like I forgot the whole damn match. So we can go live. I've been wanting to live with them negroes for a long time anyway. [Booker T] ain't said sh-t to me. I wish he would have. That's why since we walked in the back, I wish we could have just got in the ring and do what we do. If he was a real brother, I wouldn't have mind doing the shine for him to make him look good. But he just makes me sick to my stomach."