AJ Styles Misses WWE Live Event Due To Illness, Baron Corbin On Puerto Rico Hurricane Affecting Him

- AJ Styles missed last night's WWE live event in Argentina (h/t to Solo Wrestling). Styles reportedly missed the event due to stomach problems, but is expected to wrestle at tonight's live event in Buenos Aires.

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- News 1130 in Abbotsford, BC recently interviewed Baron Corbin. During the interview, Corbin discussed Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and how it has affected his family. He noted that his wife is Puerto Rican and her entire family lives there outside of her parents. He said that they flew her grandmothers in and were hoping to fly the rest of her family soon.

"It took us almost three weeks to get in touch with her grandfather," Corbin said. "He lives up in the woods so there was no cell service, no power. Her aunt couldn't drive up there because the roads were all blocked.

"That's the hard part of this job… sometimes you're away from home when there's real things are going on. It's just a very difficult situation. We flew her grandmothers in on Wednesday — so that was a relief to have them here with us and hopefully we're getting the rest of her family out of there this week."


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