AJ Styles On If He Wants To Rejoin The Club To Face The Shield, What Was The Best WWE PPV This Year

Even though he lost his United States Championship at Sunday's Hell In A Cell, AJ Styles seems to be in good spirits. He spoke to Planeta Wrestling on Monday and had high praise for the SmackDown roster's performance at its latest pay-per-view.

"I believe that it was the best big show that we've put on this year," Styles said. "I think from top to bottom there were great matches, and they were all a little bit different from start to finish. It started with Hell In A Cell, it ended with Hell In A Cell, surprises happened, I thought that it was a really great show. It was the best of the year."

Styles, who will face Baron Corbin in a rematch for the U.S. title on SmackDown Live, already seems to have his eyes set on his next rivalry. On Talking Smack after HIAC, Styles offered to help Shane McMahon against the newly-formed team of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. He reiterated those feelings Tuesday, and said it's possible the feud could come to a head at Survivor Series.

"I didn't think about it when I said it, but it certainly could be (at Survivor Series). Shane and I have got a lot of respect for each other especially after WrestleMania, and the guy's a stud, so you've got to respect that about him. I've never really liked Kevin Owens and now that Sami Zayn has joined his crew, it doesn't make me like Sami Zayn anymore. So you never know, it may happen."

Styles was also asked if seeing The Shield reunite on RAW on Monday stirred up a desire to reunite with The Club. Styles said he would love to get back together with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and if they ever were to face The Shield he's more than confident in their chances to come out on top.

"Absolutely. I think that if Gallows and Anderson and I got together, we would dominate just like we've done before. There's no doubt about it," he said.

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Source: Planeta Wrestling


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