Before their heated rivalry and impending match at Bound For Glory, Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Sienna and number-one contender Allie were allies working under Maria Kanellis. During a media conference call this week, Sienna and Allie discussed Maria’s influence on their careers.

Allie aligned herself with Maria and Sienna in 2016 to form The Lady Squad. But as Maria’s “apprentice,” Allie was routinely subjected to embarassment including dropping the Knockouts Championship to Maria by laying down in the ring. Despite all the mistreatment she suffered through, Allie said she gained a lot from her experiences working with Maria.

“First and foremost, working with Maria, I learned a lot working with her,” Allie said. “I learned a lot about myself, about what I can bring to the table, what I have to offer. Even though she was vile and mean and horrible, she actually brought the best out of me and I’m actually very thankful that I had to go through all of that because it made me a stronger person and it made me work that much harder to prove myself in Impact.”

Even though Allie and Sienna worked together, they never really had a strong friendship.

“Yeah, at one point me and Sienna were sort of friends, but I don’t even know if you’d call it that because she was so awful to me,” Allie said. “I feel like all of that stuff that they put me through, I’m going to use it as ammunition at Bound For Glory.”

Sienna will defend her Knockouts Championship against Allie and Gail Kim in a triple threat match at Bound For Glory on Nov. 5. She also refuted the notion of ever sharing a friendship with Allie.

“I mean let’s be real, we were never really friends, we were just working for the same person,” Sienna said. Allie retorted that she tried to be her friend, but Sienna brushed it off by saying, “You try to be everyone’s friend. I don’t like people that like everyone, I think that’s pretty clear.”

Sienna had much nicer words for Maria, whom she said pushed her to become the superstar she is today. She said it was Maria’s belief in her that she appreciated the most.

“I really appreciated Maria for bringing me in and giving me the role that I was given,” Sienna said. “Even though I knew that there was so much more for me to do, I knew that she believed in me and she told me that plenty of times, that she saw something there and that she believed I would expand and grow and I have, ironically when she left. I’m very happy for her and her family, and I do miss her.”