Backstage News On SmackDown Invasion, Celebrity Gets Pro Wrestling Education, Chris Jericho (Video)

- Above, Barstool Sports caught up with Chris Jericho to talk and review a slice of pizza. Jericho was asked about his scarfs and he responded some are expensive and some are not, but he has so many, he's not sure which are which now. The pizza they tried wasn't that great, so they started handing it out to random people who passed by.

- According to PWInsider, the SmackDown invasion, on this week's Raw, took place earlier in the day on Monday. The SmackDown Superstars were told to really make their attacks look as brutal as possible to make the segment looks more realistic. Apparently, during taping they had to reset one of the shots, because one of the talents threw a "typical working punch" that wasn't good enough for TV. At Survivor Series, there will be two 5-on-5 traditional elimination Raw vs. SmackDown matches, one for the men and one for the women. Each brand's champions will also be facing off against each other, including Jinder Mahal taking on Brock Lesnar.

- While promoting Thor: Ragnarok, Jeff Goldblum asked the interviewer (who also does Wrestle Talk TV) what "Breezango Fashion Patrol" meant on his t-shirt. Goldblum was then given a very quick explanation on the popularity of wrestling around the world, which he seemed to find fascinating. You can see the conversation in the video below.


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