Backstage News Regarding The Future Of Lucha Underground

It's been over a year since the third season of Lucha Underground was taped. The season, which is still currently airing on the El Rey Network, was taped from March - May of 2016, leaving many wondering if a fourth season would be happening.

Dave Meltzer reported on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that there may be some good news regarding the future of the promotion as they have a potential source of funding. The drawback is that the budget for the show would have to be significantly cut as the source of funding is "earmarking far, far less money per episode and for the season" than what the company had been spending for the previous seasons. Meltzer said that while the future of the company was looking bleak, it's a little "better than bleak" now.

Meltzer noted that many of the stars that he's spoken to that are under contract with Lucha Underground want their release. Ricochet told Sports Illustrated in July that even though his contract with the company expired, his no-compete doesn't expire until 90 days after the conclusion of the third season.

"My contract finished last June," Ricochet told Sports Illustrated. "I'm on the no-compete for the rest of Lucha Underground's season three, then I have 90 days after that. I can be on any TV as long as it's not American TV. I can work indies, I can do iPPVs, most anything, really, just not on American TV. I'm not sure about a Season 4 with Lucha Underground. I'm busy until October, and I might take November off to heal up again. I really want to work on my diet and get myself in the best shape possible."

Source: F4WOnline


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