Batista Signed To New Movie Franchise, Sasha Banks' "Lavar Ball Run," Nikki Bella Vs. Brie (Video)

- Above is Nikki Bella taking on her sister, Brie Bella, at Hell in a Cell in 2014. The loser of the match would have to become the other sister's personal assistant for 30 days, Nikki was able to hit the Rack Attack and get the pinfall.

- According to Deadline, Batista has partnered up with STX Entertainment to star in and produce a new action-comedy franchise. No other details were given on the upcoming project. Batista most recently appeared in Blade Runner 2049, which will be released in the U.S. tomorrow.

- To hype tonight's WWE - IGN Video Game Showdown, Sasha Banks did a quick promo that included her best impression of Lavar Ball running. For those who missed it, Ball (along with his sons) made an appearance on Raw back in June and Lavar had an interesting entrance to the ring. Tonight's Showdown is being livestreamed on all of IGN and WWE's social media channels.

The Boss is taking over NYC! It's about to go down like a #LegitBoss @WWE @igndotcom @upupdwndwn #lavarballrun

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Can't wait!!! ?????? #LegitBoss #marvelvscapcom #wwe2k18 @igndotcom

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