Bobby Roode On How Close To His Debut His Entrance Music Was Changed, Trust In Being NXT Champion

Bobby Roode spoke with ESPN on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Changing up his entrance music:

"It wasn't me at all, actually. I had a different song picked out. I was about to debut on NXT, and about a week or two later, as I waited for some paperwork to be finished up, I had a conversation with Triple H about the character and what I wanted to do. He came up to me that TV taping and said, 'Hey I've got this song that we have, and I think it kind of fits your character a little better, so why don't you have a listen?' So it could've went one of two ways: It could've really sucked or it could've been really great. And it's been better than great -- glorious, I guess you could say. The song itself was a blessing. It's been a gift, because in this business, everyone talks about the entrance, but without the song, there is no entrance."

Being trusted to be the NXT Champion:

"Being the focal point, being the guy who was put on the posters and having a good championship run, and being the guy they had faith in to carry the company and be in the main event every night, that was such an incredible feeling for me to come here. Coming from a different place, and 19 years in the business is a long time. I had a lot of experience, but I wasn't sure kind of what to expect."

Working for WWE:

"The WWE is the be-all and end-all of sports entertainment. They just do things right. They've done it for so many years, and the business aspect of it, the WWE machine ... WWE is a machine and so many brilliant people here, the experience, it's just a different feel, especially now being a part of SmackDown, being on the road, doing the live events, touring around and coming to things like this to be able to promote a video game."

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: ESPN


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