Candice LaRae spoke with Ring Rust Radio on a number of wrestling topics. You can listen to the full interview above or read the full highlights via Bleacher Report:

Looking back at being in the Mae Young Classic:

“Still to this day it’s insane to me because it is something that I’ve wanted since I was a six-year-old little kid. It’s super cool, and I felt like I’ve been preparing my entire career for that. That’s what everything was for?so I could have that opportunity. I used to think I got into wrestling at the wrong time and it was never going to happen for me because I was a little different than some of the other girls that I was around when I first started wrestling. I’m starting to realize everything happened as it was supposed to and I got into it at exactly the right time, so I am very thankful.”

Wanting to work full-time in WWE:

“I would love to end up there. I’ve turned down other opportunities just in hopes of the opportunity to come to the WWE someday. Obviously, my dream has always been to wrestle for WWE and have a full-time contract there, so I kind of felt if I was going to go anywhere else or do anything else I was cheating myself out of my lifelong dream. It is still to this day my ultimate goal, so I’m being very hopeful and taking it day by day and crossing my fingers.”

How much she enjoys wrestling for Wrestle Circus, a wrestling promotion out of Austin, Texas:

“I think they just do such a good job of bringing in all different kinds and varieties of talents, which is important. I think when you go to some promotions, they are in a mindset that this is a style that fits our promotion or this is the style this promotion runs. The crowd is into everything. They’re rowdy, rambunctious and they add to the fun, which makes it a lot easier for us wrestlers. It is just so much fun, a big party.”

Again, you can listen to the full interview above or read the full highlights by clicking here.

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