Carmella Responds To Insulting Article, Becky Lynch On Dating A UFC Fighter, MMA Fighter Open To WWE

- TMZ Sports recently caught up with MMA fighter Gabi Garcia at the Los Angeles Airport, as seen in the video above. TMZ asked the 6'2" 200-plus pound woman's MMA star if she would like to join Ronda Rousey in WWE.

"It's possible one day if the guys invited me," Gabi said. "I love the show, I love watching WWE, so why not?"

- The Irish Sun recently interviewed Becky Lynch, which you can read here. During the interview, Lynch was asked if she could see herself pursuing a career in boxing or MMA.

"My boyfriend is in the UFC (Luke Sanders) and I see the amount of work and dedication it takes him and you have to be really passionate about it," Lynch replied. "I am a big fan and I really like watching it but that is not where my passion is. My passion is in what we do, and in wrestling. It is in telling stories and in acting and that is where I want to put all my energy."

- Carmella responded to an article that was posted online titled, "15 Female Wrestlers Who Would Be Considered Ugly If They Were Never Famous." The article has since been deleted, but you can check out Carmella's response below:


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