Charlotte Says Ric Flair Was "Bling" Before "Bling" Was "Bling"

With ESPN's 30 For 30 film on Ric Flair just a little over a week away from its television premiere, Charlotte Flair appeared on SportsCenter on Thursday morning to discuss the in-depth documentary that pulls back the curtain on the career of The Nature Boy.

30 For 30: Nature Boy will premiere on Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 10 p.m. ET on ESPN. The documentary has already received rave reviews from people who have seen advanced screenings. It is said to offer a three-dimensional look at the life and career of arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all time.

Flair's daughter has continued that legacy by becoming one of the best female wrestlers on the WWE roster. Charlotte said her dad succeeded thanks to his unmatched swagger that attracted fans to suspend their disbelief when they watched him.

"I think from his swagger, he was before his time. He was 'bling' before 'bling' was 'bling,' as Snoop would like to say," Charlotte said. "His character was larger than life, with the robes, and he brought that and you could feel that. When the fans were watching my dad, you could never tell if this was real or is this fake, and that's what made him so special. Every ounce of energy went to being The Nature Boy."

In an excerpt from the documentary, Flair said he's living vicariously through his daughter and the best moment of his career was watching her win the WWE Women's Championship. Charlotte got emotional when she heard that and knowing how much her dad values her career means everything to her.

"Just to continue his legacy, he spent 45-plus years creating this two-time Hall Of Famer, greatest of all time, larger than life legacy," she said. "Knowing that I'm continuing his legacy, it means the world to me."

Source: ESPN


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