Cody Rhodes On Zack Ryder's Popularity, WWE Looks At The Shield's Top Matches, Becky Lynch (Video)

- Above is Renee Young taking on Becky Lynch in Marvel vs. Capcom, Renee was able to win, and Becky had to eat something awful as her punishment.

- WWE posted an article looking at The Shield's 10 best six-man matches. The top five picks were: vs. The Wyatt Family (Raw, March 3, 2014), vs. The Undertaker and Team Hell No (Raw, April 22, 2013), vs. The Wyatt Family (Elimination Chamber 2014), vs. Ryback and Team Hell No (TLC 2012), and vs. Evolution (Extreme Rules) at number one.

- Wrestling promotion, Wrestle Circus, commented on Twitter about how Zack Ryder doesn't get the credit he deserves, especially when it came to self-promotion and his YouTube Show, Z! True Long Island Story, which began in 2011. Cody Rhodes responded how during that time period, Ryder was so popular crowds would chant "We want Ryder," even if he wasn't booked to be on the show. Ryder was one of the first WWE wrestlers to utilize social media during this time and was able to climb up the card through his success.


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