Dana White On Conor McGregor-WrestleMania Rumors: 'It's Absolutely Not True'

Well, it was fun while it lasted. In an appearance on Good Day New York on FOX, UFC president Dana White put a definitive end to the rumors that Conor McGregor will be appearing at WrestleMania 34 next year.

Rumors started flying earlier this week when a report from SunSport in the U.K. claimed a deal between McGregor and the WWE is "close." When asked about the report, White said, "It's not true. It's absolutely not true."

One of the show's co-hosts then asked to see text messages from White to Vince McMahon. In one of the messages, McMahon said of the rumors, "News to me." White was courteous in his response, saying, "I figured. You guys are always great with talking to me." McMahon did leave the door open to a future opportunity to work together and replied, "Anytime. Although, it may be good someday, but not now."

Many believe McGregor is a perfect fit for the WWE because of his incredible trash-talking ability and his athletic acumen. Last week, Stephanie McMahon said McGregor would be a natural fit with the company. Chris Jericho said last month that McGregor to the WWE is a "no-brainer."

If McGregor was to ever make his way into the WWE, he'd have no shortage of potential rivals after he insulted WWE superstars on Twitter last year and said he would "slap the head off the entire roster."

Source: FOX


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