'Dancing With The Stars' Recap: 50 Shades Of Nikki Bella

This week's episode of Dancing with the Stars featured our girl Nikki tumbling down the leaderboard to earn her lowest ranking on the show thus far. And while, this week, she's safe from elimination, there's a very real threat that this won't be the case next week, if her combined scores don't give her the edge. (Boo!)

Not, mind you, that this is to say that her dance was bad. To the contrary: it was actually quite fun, and to watch the Viennese waltz be executed in such a sexy way was a nice look for the otherwise-vanilla show. With the theme of the episode being "guilty pleasures" -- hers was 50 Shades of Grey, which we'll forgive her for, for now -- it was good to see her professional dance partner, Artem, take the lead.

And the "special guest appearance" by her fiance John Cena at the end of the dance was a nice touch, and certainly a call-to-action for wrestling fans to start pounding the phones. (Dial 'em up, kids!)

But Nikki, clearly, isn't used to a man leading her (sorry, Cena!), and she seemed to be "fighting" with Artem a little bit. (Which is not what happens in 50SOG, but we'll leave that alone.)

The judges took notice, too: all of them gave her a 7, giving her a DWTS-career low of 21. Len Goodman, never one to hold his tongue, was acerbic in his critique of Nikki, pointing out that the dance she was doing was "not quite from Vienna" (!) and was "too aggressive." (!!)

When a Property Brother is beating you in the scores, baby girl, it's time to step your game up.

Fortunately, there was no elimination tonight, but the scores from this week and last week are tabulated to determine who goes home next week. Could our girl Nikki get the boot?


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