'Dancing With The Stars' Recap: Cherchez La WWE Diva, Was Nikki Bella Eliminated?

Tonight's theme on Dancing With The Stars was "A Night At The Movies," which was a tribute to movie genres of both yesterday and today. This week, the couples were tasked with following a theme -- action, sci-fi, romance, and so on -- and a dance.

Our girl Nikki Bella, who did not come on the show to play with ANYBODY, was the first up, and she was tasked with performing an Argentine Tango with her professional partner, Artem, whom she referred to as her "Russian therapist" as fiance' and fellow WWE diva (!) John Cena beamed with pride and Brie Bella -- her twin sister, and the other half of the Bella Twins -- cheered her on.

Cloaked impeccably in a melon-colored dress that seemed to fly in tune with her impossibly-long legs (you go, girl!), Nikki nailed each steady step alongside a languorous French song. While the theme of "foreign films" wasn't clear -- it seemed part Singing in the Rain, part An Affair to Remember, neither of which are foreign films per se (what, was the French classic Betty Blue too remote?) -- Nikki managed to wow over the judges almost unanimously.

Even guest judge Shania Twain -- who really needs to lay off the cheek fillers -- remarked about how impressed she was with Nikki's performance.

Len Goodman, everyone's favorite cantankerous Brit, said that Nikki sometimes gets so "lost in wrestling" (I'd better not hear shade from any of you in the comments section) that she comes across very "masculine." However, tonight's performance reaffirmed his belief that she has a very feminine side of her.

Carrie Ann Inaba was the sole detractor on the panel, but even her criticism was tempered and even -- all she said was that Nikki needed to "lengthen her legs" a bit when she hoofed it up.

Nevertheless, she got "9's" across the board, and was marked "safe" from elimination right off the bat.

It looks like our girl may be Dancing with the Stars all the way to the Mirror Ball win!


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