– Above and below are new videos from Brie Bella. The top video features Brie giving an update on her Birdiebee clothing company with sister Nikki Bella while the video below features Brie and daughter Birdie Joe watching SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan on SmackDown in Seattle this past Tuesday. Birdie does the “yes!” chant.

– WWE stock was up 0.35% today, closing at $22.62 per share. Today’s high was $22.63 and the low was $22.30.

– The Rock has less than 20 days of filming left on the “Skyscraper” thriller that comes out on July 13th, 2018. Below are some of this recent posts from the set. It seems like Rock has really upped the behind-the-scenes social media posts for this movie compared to other recent films he’s worked on.

345am. Man on the run.
Day 47 of 64 shooting our action thriller #SkyscraperMovie.
Shot big sequences tonight requiring lots of moving parts. THANK YOU to the hundreds of extras putting in the hard work.
Fear and terror are never fun emotions to play with – especially for 10hrs straight.
Thanks again and great work.
And I apologize in advance for all the extras I push and shove down the rest of the week shooting these scenes as I’m on the run. Please buy yourselves a bottle of your favorite and most expensive alcohol and send the bill to Universal Studios.
#OnSet #OnTheRun #HongKong #SkyscraperMovie

Hangin around.
Put in some good hard work, but a pleasure shooting what will become multiple posters around the world for #SkyscraperMovie.
THANK YOU to everyone involved making this shoot “fit in” with my already incomprehensible aka nutty schedule.
Grateful to have such a team of talented rockstars making it all happen.
#UNIVERSALStudios #LegendaryStudios #SevenBucksProds #SkyscraperMovie @tmac24fleet

Day 42 of 64 shooting our action thriller #SkyscraperMovie.
I prepped for an intense shoot daily based off the material, but this “battered down” mindset has served me in ways I never expected, professionally and especially personally.
Universe has a helluva sense of humor that way.
Now I need a shot or three of my tequila.
#Day42Of64 #BatteredDown #SkyscraperMovie

Good karma and pickle dicks. I mean pickle dick. Singular.
2am and going strong with my 2nd Unit Director, JJ Perry who’s one of the best in the business and a long time collaborator of mine over the years to execute cool & bad ass action sequences in my films.
He’s also the only man I know who can use the words Dali Lama, good karma and pickle dick in the same paragraph and get me motivated as hell to shoot it.
Luv this dude. Crazy & brilliant. The way I like em.
#2am #AdrenalineKicksIn #SkyscraperMovie

Giddy up.
Puttin’ in the hard work on a sexy Friday night with my 2nd Unit crew on our #SkyscraperMovie.
In our world, 2nd unit directors and crews are rockstars who get down and dirty with one goal in mind – gettin’ s–t done.
2nd Unit director JJ Perry gettin’ us fired up.
#FridayNights #PainTrain #Loco4L #2ndUnit #SkyscraperMovie

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