Daniel Bryan Reacts To Kurt Angle Wrestling At WWE TLC, Finn Balor On Facing AJ Styles, Asuka

- Above is a quick hype video for tomorrow's WWE TLC featuring the debut of Asuka. For her main roster debut, Asuka will be taking on Emma. Be sure to join our complete live coverage beginning at 7pm ET!

- With Bray Wyatt held out of TLC for medical reasons, Finn Balor will now be taking on AJ Styles. Balor spoke about the upcoming match and how their paths have never crossed before.

"Finn Balor. AJ Styles. Similar careers," Balor said. "Similar journeys, but for some reason, our paths have crossed. Until TLC. I'll see you then AJ."

- It didn't take long for SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan to notice Kurt Angle would be stepping in to replace Roman Reigns at TLC. Retweeting WWE's news, Bryan simply said, "Interesting." It's been well documented Bryan wants to get back into the ring, but WWE has yet to clear him for action. With his contract reportedly up in September of next year, it's possible he will find that action, in a different promotion. Ring of Honor's COO, Joe Koff, has already stated he would welcome him back personally. Bryan's last in-ring WWE match was in April of 2015 on SmackDown: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. John Cena and Daniel Bryan.


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