Eli Drake Reveals When He Found Out He Was Winning Impact World Title

After Alberto El Patron was forced to relinquish the Impact Global Championship, many were surprised that Eli Drake was chosen to be the next champion including Drake himself. He recently discussed his reaction to winning the championship with Wrestling With Ideas.

Drake was a staple of Impact Wrestling's midcard before he was tabbed as the next champion. He said he was wondering about his status within the company and the news of his forthcoming win had caught him off-guard.

"I say it was probably around a week or 2 before the show which kind of came as a shock to me just because I think leading up to it I was almost like 'Guys, I'm here, what are we doing with me?' And then it was all of a sudden like 'Here you go!' I was like 'What the? Ok. All right. Cool!' But I'm not complaining in the least because I think those kind of surprises work out really well," Drake said.

Drake won the Global Championship on the August 24 episode of Impact Wrestling, winning a 20-man gauntlet match to claim the vacant title. He has taken his opportunity and ran with it and has emerged into an entertaining champion. He is currently embroiled in a rivalry with Johnny Impact and will look to defend his title at Bound For Glory on Nov. 5. Drake pointed out how Impact could've been chosen to win the gauntlet match, but the surprise of winning it himself was the right decision.

"I think especially, when you look at a guy like Johnny Impact coming in. Here he comes at the gauntlet match. Gauntlet for Gold," Drake said. "I think a lot of people were like '(sigh), Here comes this Johnny Impact. He is going to win it.' Wrong! Wrong! It's this guy, Eli Drake coming out on top and now it's just been a helluva ride and I get to have all the responsibilities and all the perks of being champion. So I'm really digging it."

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Source: Wrestling With Ideas


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