Enzo Amore Responds To Being Kicked Out Of WWE Locker Room

Enzo Amore is being treated like a pariah in the WWE locker room, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him one bit. In an interview with TMZ Sports in Los Angeles while sporting his WWE Cruiserweight Championship belt, Amore brushed off the fact that he's being alienated by other wrestlers.

"Bro, I got my own locker room -- literally. That is a fact," Amore said, playing up his heel character. "I don't talk to nobody. You know why? 'Cause if you ain't talkin' money, what the hell you talkin' bout?!"

Amore has generated a ton of heat backstage, especially due to his antics over the summer. Amore was kicked off a tour bus by Roman Reigns after being overheard bragging about how much money he is earning from WWE. Other wrestlers were also upset with him for bringing his friends backstage and allowing them to film video and take pictures, thus breaking locker room etiquette. His social media use has also rubbed other superstars the wrong way, such as when he was posing with celebrities at the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight.

Amore is the WWE Crusierweight Champion and has significantly generated increased fan interest in 205 Live. But his in-ring performances have remained lackluster, which has caused other wrestlers to believe he talked his way into the high-profile spot rather than earning it by performing well. In what looked like a punishment by the WWE, Braun Strowman and the rest of the cruiserweights dished out a vicious beating to Amore on RAW.

Still, Amore is staying true to himself and says he's not concerned with what other wrestlers think of him.

"Being a champion, you wake up in the morning and you piss excellence," he said. "The only vowel I'm concerned with is 'I.'"

Source: TMZ Sports


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