Former WWE And TNA Star Reveals He Almost Landed Major Role On "The Walking Dead"

During Monday night's edition of the WINC Podcast, the conversation went away from wrestling and delved into the current state of television. Wrestling Inc. owner Raj Giri, Matt Morgan and Glenn Rubenstein discussed their TV-watching habits, and Morgan revealed he was almost cast on a popular show.


The guys discussed how hard it is to continue watching three-hours of RAW every Monday when there are so many great TV shows out there. Morgan said he's not caught up on current seasons because he mainly watches TV on his Amazon Firestick. He wasn't even aware that popular HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm had returned for a ninth season after a lengthy hiatus. Giri said that show and The Walking Dead are the only shows he watches, and Morgan revealed that he was once in the running for the role of "Sgt. Abraham Ford" on The Walking Dead.

"I auditioned for that part and I was all-but-told that it was mine, so I got b****y about it and refused to watch [the show] because I didn't get it," Morgan said with a laugh. "I was at my brother's house in Boston, supposed to be there for the holidays, and I didn't pay attention to anybody because I was supposed to be memorizing my scripts, and then at the last second they pulled the carpet out from underneath me."


The role eventually was given to Michael Cudlitz, ending Morgan's interest in watching the show. But Giri assured him that he's not missing much as this season of The Walking Dead has been somewhat lackluster, in his opinion.

The episode also featured a review of last night's RAW as well as a discussion about the recent WWE releases, The Undertaker returning on RAW's 25th anniversary show, Anthem money issues and more. You can watch the full episode in the video above or the audio player below. For a direct download, click here. If you want to subscribe to our audio channel, you can do so through iTunes as well as our RSS feed, which you can use this to subscribe through any podcast app. If you like the show, please subscribe and rate on iTunes! Also, please give us a thumbs up and subscribe on the Wrestling Inc. Youtube channel.