Former WWE Women's Champion Returning For One Match, Brie Bella Asks How Her Dress Fits, Birthdays

- Above, Brie Bella was headed to watch a Dancing with the Stars taping, and wondered if her dress was a bit too much like something Nikki Bella would wear.

- Today, Terri Runnels turns 51 years old and DJZ/Zema Ion turns 31. Also known as Goldust's manager Marlena, Terri worked for the WWE from 1996 until 2004.

- Former WWE Women's Champion, Candice Michelle, announced she would be returning for a match at House of Hardcore 36: Blizzard Brawl Homecoming on December 2. This will be the first time she's been in the ring since 2009 (after being released by WWE) and will be taking on Lisa Marie Varon (also known as Victoria during her time in WWE) in December. Candice said this will be her one last match in her hometown.


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